Test Publishers, Trade Associations, Educators

Storyboard and design your own

performance-based assessments.

Create functional task scenarios and

decide which parameters to award marks.

Designed to be multi-lingual and multi-local

Create combined Knowledge and Abilities

assessments for digital skills.

100% cloud-ready delivery.

Can be deployed locally for specific 'offline'


Does NOT require MS Office to be




The Skills Advantage Testing Desktop is a breakthrough simulation system designed to allow test-publishing professionals the ability to script, author, implement and deliver their own performance-based assessments.


Our proven process can be applied to almost any software application.

MS Office 2010/07

- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook

MS Windows 7

Google Searches

Bing Searches

Facebook Privacy

Norton Security Suite

Windows Live Profile Security

Simulated Web Applications


Level I and Level II Skills  are fully supported

Level III Advanced Skills are limited.  May be added to support specific requirements.

Multiple Simulators can be enabled to support multitasking scenarios across applications.

Design and Implement your
own assessments

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