To learn, to work, to communicate, to live in today's modern world... our skills and abilities to use computers effectively has never been more important.  From foundation-level skills that begin in today's grade schools to digital fluency required in higher education, government and industry; we expect learners and workers to be digitally proficient.


Across the world, students, teachers, and workers are being certified on the core set of skills and knowledge to use computers effectively and productively. Schools, K-20, government agencies, industry leaders are choosing certification standards (national and international curriculums) over inconsistent locally designed curriculums.


Digital Skills are critical skills and are very much as fundamental as reading, writing and arithmetic.  In today's world it's a matter of when, not if.


• When will we begin reading, writing and doing calculations on a computer?

• When will we begin communicating with family and friends using e-devices?

• When will we be expected to use software apps efficiently and

productively for school and work?


Skills Advantage partners with awarding bodies and learning companies around the world to offer 'real value' digital literacy credentialing programs, which provide Certification holders the edge they need to pursue their goals.  Our solutions support learning, testing, online proctoring, reporting and digital credentialing.  Our authoring and content management systems allow us to offer customer specific tests using our cloud-based simulators.

Securing a job

Getting that promotion

College/University Acceptance

Industry compliance

Continuing education requirements

Building up your skills portfolio

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