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It’s always been about productivity.   School, work, life.  Most of today’s workplaces and higher education institutions expect us to have a level of digital competence including both computer knowledge and skills to achieve our specific goals.   Assessing computer skills using a computer is best practice and is what Skills Advantage is all about.

Our approach to assessment stems from the workplace, making sure people have the right skills for the job.  Our success is all about high face validity.   If you going to test someone’s ability to use a computer, allow them to demonstrate their knowledge and skills the way they know how.

Since the late 1980’s the folks at Skills Advantage have aspired to improve this approach to computer skills assessments with 3 main objectives:

Develop solutions cheaper while maintaining high product integrity, validity, reliability

Develop data channels that deliver big data value to both the test taker and the organization

Develop assessments where test takers, once a test is completed, agree the test was fair regardless of the outcome.

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